Fashion! Did someone say “fashion”? There are many women in this world that God has created, and society has designed, created, and sells unique fashion for these women who are of all sizes: small, medium, large, extra large, short, tall, big, little; no matter what you look like or who you are, there is a fashion that is just for you. There are many places a woman can go to pick out an outfit for her day and whatever job, fun, tasks she has in front of her; whatever your day has in store for you, your fashion can express “all about you!”

My desire is to provide Kouture for everyone possible and help each one of you see the beauty that can come no matter what you think you are or what you think you are not. There is nothing better than seeing a woman be proud of the skin she is in and walk confidently in her appearance, style and profession.

You may have a choice of what to wear, being casual or dress to exemplify what your day is about…

If you are looking to be noticed as a professional and attract good customer service, relationships with co-workers, and a great feeling about yourself for the day, dress in fashion that is classy and respectful. (picture) The impression you will leave for others who see you will be a “WOW” kind of impression. As we realize our attire is one of not seeing ourselves continuously all day, but yet others we are around do see us all day. I am aware of what is being worn, someones style and the ins and outs of their fashion. It is so interesting when you take a real look at the person and see how their fashion is identifying who they are and the pizzazz they have to offer the world.

If you are wanting to be more casual, jeans and maybe a loosely fitting blouse, tucked in t-shirt with belt or a sweater, (picture) and are showing your personality and wearing what you are hoping to experience and pass on to others, then model that.

If you want to be energetic for the day wear something that is is bright and fun and makes people feel good when they see you. If you want to attract conversation during your day, wear something unusual and something that makes others smile so when you are seen and noticed, the comment will be,”I like that. It is different, yet I really like it on you.” If it is going to be a day of organizing and mostly contact with your colleagues, wear what will help them identify who you are and let your colleagues know by just your fashion that you are wanting to be part of their life and working with them is a pleasure. Whether you are wanting to express yourself or make a statement about yourself, you can do so by your fashion. (picture)

I think the fashion you wear can make you classy, sassy, and all out beautiful. What you wear determines you as a woman and allows others who look at you, an idea of what you are about. You heart and soul can be seen with what you wear on a regular basis.

Remember in the Bible, God says we are all the same and He loves you as much as me, and me as much as you. What can be better than that. We as women were made to be beautiful and to express our beauty in the way we dress. You can do it with great expense or less expense by shopping in a way that most accommodates your spending. Either way you can be very much overflowing with styles and fashion to express who you are and be able to fulfill your fashion desire.

Ladies, there is no doubt in my mind, no matter who you are, what you are, what you look like, and what you do, that you are have the same amount of value as I have. I am just a regular person, yet I have the desire to be the best, look the best and be the best woman God has so created me to be and to show others they are just as valuable and can do the same. My intentions are to share with you different people who have affected my life and who I have so admired because of their inward and outward self and have dressed in fashion that fits their person. They are confident in their skin and happy to share the joy our God above has given them. They have chosen to work to be the woman that God has so intended for them to be. They are finding their purpose in life and will be allowing me to share on Bit of Kouture the fashion they wear and what and who they are previously and today.

As we go forward, I hope you ladies will join me and talk with me about the positive changes in your life and how you are coming into yourself and realizing you are you and you are awesome. Soon you will be able to share with the world through Bit of Kouture, your love for fashion and your story of what makes you so beautiful and the woman you are meant to be, and how fashion helps you to feel good, express your womanhood and possibly partnership in an opportunity to grow and gift your story to others.

Blessings now to you, and let’s talk soon.